Dr. Amanda Bittner


Amanda Bittner is Associate Professor & Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Political Science at Memorial University in Canada. 

Bittner studies public opinion and voting behavior, and her main research interests include the role of party leaders and candidates in the minds of voters; the role of gender in public opinion and voting; and issues of measurement in survey research, in both Canadian and Comparative contexts.

Katherine McLaughlin

Undergraduate Student, Lab Member

Katherine is completing an honours degree in Political Science with a minor in Psychology at Memorial University. She is interested in exploring the intersections between human behaviour and the political sphere. In particular, her focus is on the political experience of women and marginalized subgroups examining the intersections of women’s lives and how that impacts participation and political experience. Her research has focused on the systematic patriarchal effects that are permeating the political experience of women, racial minorities and LGBTQ+
individuals. She is passionate about advocating for an equitable and accessible society, currently serving as the Executive Director of Advocacy with the MUN Students’ Union, and co-chair
of the MUN Women’s Committee.

Holly Fox

Undergraduate Student, Lab Member

Holly is an undergraduate student of Political Science and Gender Studies at Memorial University. She is interested in gender + sexuality, political behaviour and is also completing a certificate in Indigenous studies. She enjoys volunteering with community groups and is a volunteer coordinator at Intersections: A Resource Centre for Marginalized Genders.

Meghan O'Reilly

Graduate Student, Lab Member

Meghan is a Master's student in Political Science at Memorial University. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Memorial, and her academic interests include political behaviour, elections, and public opinion. When she's not at MUN, Meghan spends her time golfing, hiking, and tutoring students in English and French.

Sarelle Azuelos

Graduate Student, Lab Manager

Sarelle is a Master’s Student in Gender Studies at Memorial University. She has a History degree from the University of Calgary and a background in community engagement and advocacy work on social justice issues in Alberta. She is interested in researching the integration of an intersectional gender lens on public policy development and using feminist research practices. 

Christabel N. Baah

Graduate Student, Lab Member


Christabel is a master’s student majoring in political science at Memorial University of Newfoundland. She graduated from the University of Ghana with a BA honours degree in political science with philosophy. She worked as a Gender officer at the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MOGSCP), Accra, Ghana. Christabel ‘s research interest includes public opinion and elections, women and politics; women participation in local government systems; and increasing women’s political participation and representation. She is also interested in assessing the role of masculine mindsets, how public opinion retards the political growth of women, and hinders women’s participation in politics and how these can reversibly serve as instruments of change in uplifting the status of women in our current dispensation. Overall, her focus is to bridge the Gender disparity gap within the political sphere. 

Christabel enjoys watching movies at her leisure time.

Gillian Slade

Graduate Student, Lab Member


Gillian is a Master's Student in Political Science at Memorial University. She has a Bachelor's degree from Memorial in Political Science and English and her research interests include public policy, political communication, electoral politics, public perception, politics and popular culture and how all of these things intersect with gender.