Dates: February 22 & 23, 2019

Location: Memorial University, St. John’s, NL

Much has been made in recent years of a perceived crisis of masculinity, of white men being or feeling “left behind”, of masculinity and populism, and how all this may affect policy and elections. We simply do not know as much about the role of masculinity in "the gender gap" in political attitudes, and this workshop aims to begin exploring this issue in more detail.         

          The scholarship on gender gaps in public opinion and political behaviour has tended to frame women as drivers of attitudinal gaps and changes in their size and importance over time. Most research focuses on sex rather than gender, and presents women’s behaviour as the phenomenon to be explained, in contrast to men’s behaviour (the implicit default against which others are understood). In this workshop we place men and masculinity under the microscope, to better understand the drivers of gendered attitudes and behaviors.

          This two-day workshop, organized by the Gender & Politics Lab at Memorial University will bring together a small group of interdisciplinary scholars from around the world to discuss the role of masculinity in political attitudes.

Registration for the workshop is free, and lunch and coffee/snack breaks will be provided

Please submit a paper proposal, including title and abstract, by January 9, here

For more information, contact Amanda Bittner:

St. John’s, on Canada’s east coast, is Newfoundland and Labrador’s capital and largest city, and sometimes heralded as the oldest city in North America, with a rich cultural and “foodie” scene. The airport, which offers frequent service to all major Canadian centres and connections to Europe and the United States, is located in close proximity to conference hotels and the meeting space at Memorial University.